Who Am I?

Who Am I?

      To heal is to see wholeness.

Wholeness can only be cultivated from within.

It starts by healing all the broken parts, the broken ways we see life, others, and Mother Earth.


I always had the gift of “sight,” also known as “seeing.” I come from a long line of “intuitive” medicine people and since I can remember, people have come to me for advice. From schoolmates, to teachers, to people off the street. I have always been the “go to” for advice, guidance, and counseling. I have also had a great passion for music, art, and writing.


      I was born with the American name of Stephanie Garcia, I was educated in the Western European system. I grew up in multi-cultures, so I have always felt as if I am “walking between worlds.” I have always had vivid dreams of events yet to come, and “dream walk” with many I encounter on this path.

   I’ve held many titles including daughter, student, teacher, bartender, college professor, professional psychic healer, artist, writer, spiritual seeker, spiritual teacher, and many other labels. I have created and destroyed all of them to arrive where I am now.


I have understood-and not understood-to understand.


I have had many profound experiences with the Creator, and seen all aspects of humanity. I have traveled to many lands, both far and not so far. Both physically and Spiritually.  I am a fellow human on the path, born with antennae attuned to all aspects of life seen and unseen. 


Underneath all the labels I’ve been given this truth:


“I am a servant to Grand Mother. The great healer, teacher, and provider we call Mother Earth. I came to serve her at this time, through healing, teaching, and sharing music and art. It has taken many footsteps to land where I currently stand, and I am honored, humbled, and grateful to be here with you my brothers and sisters at this time of great awakening and healing.” 



     I give thanks and praise to those who laid my path, my powerful ancestors from the West and East who have handed down to me great gifts of insight, connection, Spirituality, wisdom, pain, sadness, grace, love, and strength.


I come from both the oppressed and oppressors, for I have First Nations and Spanish blood coursing through me.

I know what it is like to be torn from your lineage, and re-connect the pieces. 


      It has taken me many years to honor both. For without both, I could not understand what it means to forgive and stand in the middle of peace. I have also been given the gift to have Korean heritage from the East. A rich culture filled with much strength and wisdom intertwined with great tragedy and sadness.

   Through my ancestry, I have learned the lessons of community, sharing, and strength. I have experienced the struggles of my ancestors in small quantities–and reaped from their greatness in my existence. 


 I honor all my relatives who lost their lives in war and honored the great land we walk upon. 

They both worshipped and pillaged the land. 

Just as we do now. 

The work of the ancestors continues and it’s not just my work it is OUR work. 

 I honor all my ancestors who fought in battles, sacrificed, starved, gave, and survived so that

I may walk on Mother Earth at this time with all of you. 


     I have been blessed with a path of up’s and downs, rights and wrongs, hate, condemnation, judgment, darkness, light, chaos, betrayal, to stand in the highest vibrations of love and peace. It’s been beautiful and tragic. I understand suffering because I have suffered my way to wholeness. Through my personal journey, starting as a very sensitive physically sick, highly creative, multi-cultural psychic child, to being indoctrinated into the system we currently live in, to the de-conditioning process that has led me to my current place. 


     After 15 years of awakening, deep meditation, tragic initiations, healing, learning, and de-conditioning, on April 25, 2013, I stepped into a new understanding of my journey during a sacred ceremony where “Song Bird Grand Mother” was revealed.


I believe that life is a river. It is a stream. It flows. April 25, 2013 was a rush in my flow. It has been the greatest gift and most challenging task given to me thus far on the path. The name and path of Song Bird Grand Mother, has required both death and rebirth. Everything of my former life as Stephanie Garcia was stripped from me. It has been a process of giving away most of my personal possessions, removing layers of sadness, pain, and unveiling new levels of bliss and love, ultimately leading to a new life in the sacred womb of Sedona, AZ.


It has been a process of destroying and rebuilding my life’s work.  As with all sacred Spiritual phenomena it’s hard to explain, but instead of viewing it as “enlightenment” or some grand phenomena to be worshipped, condemned, judged, or crucified for, what I have learned is Song Bird Grand Mother is the name Grand Mother (Mother Goddess) gave me to be of greater service to her. It has taken thousands of years to get to this place, and may take thousands more to perfect.


It has taken great suffering, love, and strength from the ancestors for me to to do this work. I am humbled, honored, and grateful. Through my experiences and work with Grand Mother in all her forms, I have learned that time is not of importance. The only thing that really matters in this world is LOVE.


Love is all there is. Song Bird Grand Mother is not me in the lower sense, but it is my fullest potential of who I came to be here on this planet. I came to be of service to the Great Mother. The Being who runs through each of us, our Divine Mother, the Grand Mother. My only task here on Earth is to hold her love and grace and spread it to all I encounter.


In meetings, I hold you in the Sacred light of healing and unconditional love just as Grand Mother holds you. Healing can be a kind word, listening with an open heart to burdens, holding space for crying and releasing, evaluating a challenging lesson, it can be higher wisdom channeled in, or silence. Healing occurs on many levels. It’s the experience of unconditional love where true healing emerges. This is the beginning and end to all matters.


    It is all for the Grand Mother that Song Bird emerged and I am eternally grateful for this opportunity to serve. If you are drawn to this work, I honor you– as it is not just for you that you heal your wounds– it is for ALL. It is the most self-less service you can offer, the healing of your ancestry, your past, your programming, to live life from your heart. To follow your highest path. This is the work of Grand Mother. The essence of Grand Mother is within us all. The ancient healers and Medicine people around the world understood, worshipped, and honored her.


Song Bird is a precious reminder that the gift of Song is prayer. Song Birds work together in community flying free singing their song. They sing their song to the Great Mother joyously and happily. My intention is for us to join in song and sing together to heal the Grand Mother we belong too. 


       We are all one soul. Whatever you see in me is what you see in yourself and vice versa.

I have been blessed with both the highest of bliss and love, as well as great tragedy and heart ache.

For life is all.


   It is the honoring of ALL where wholeness exists. My life is a continual journey of awakening, I have given everything to walk this path, and would gladly give more. I am here for you, for us, and above all our precious Grand Mother– to help remove the barriers that stop us from peace and love.


 True healing can occur when we hold each other in the highest of love, and see the world as a whole, no longer broken. It begins with just one step. For in that one step, you will find that there is another and another.  


   Life is a continual process of learning, healing, teaching, giving, and receiving. It’s the circle of life that we live here on this Great Mother we call Planet Earth.

   All of the answers are within. I can go on and on about who I am, and what I do, but all I would like you to know is that underneath all the stories, judgments, criticisms, and hatred in this world, I hold you with unconditional love. As a servant to Grand Mother who I lovingly connect to, channel, and transmit energy for, I am here to share her wisdom, healing, and teachings for you, for me, and for us. Whether we meet for a ceremony, class, session, online, in-person, in-passing, or otherwise, I pray that we sing as the Song Birds sing to the Grand Mother in love, light, peace, truth, and healing. 


I honor you.

I honor us.

I honor Grand Mother.

For we are one.

We walk in beauty.




Song Bird Grand Mother

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