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You Are the Value


Hello Family,

Today’s message is about finding the value of who you are, outside of the value of who you are not…

In a world where our culture has become “con-sumerism,” we as humans have become both the “con-sumer,” and the “con-sumed.”

Either way we look at it, it’s “con-trol,” and it’s all a con.

The con is that there “aren’t enough resources,” and they must be distributed scarcely and to a select few.

Through mass media, ads are constantly stimulating the impulse to “buy now,” and to “sell ” everything this Earth has to offer.

No matter the cost to the animals, the indigenous people, the plants, and delicate eco-system; the powerful media machine pumps out propaganda to entice “consumers” to rape the Earth for the profit of very few.

Every part of Mother Earth is now under the spell that, “to buy more, to take more, and to do more,” is “normal,” and is part of “development.”

We do things to the Earth that we wouldn’t dare do to anyone we know. And, yet billions of people around the world do what they have to, “to survive.”

We are “conned” at every moment into buying something we don’t “need,” “can’t afford,” and will depreciate as soon as we touch it.

Gone are the days of “fixing things” instead we “dispose” of the old and purchase new items, and the cycle continues.

Our consumerism is destroying every part of the natural world, Mother Earth, for the greed of those con-trolling the large majority of people living in our world.

The most devastating part of this “con” is what it is doing to us as humans.

We lose our humanity every time we put money before kindness; greed before generosity; and work before our family.

It kills that gentle, sweet, caring, and kind being within who is biologically and genetically wired to work in comm-unity and care for the greater good.

Somewhere inside each person, there is an ancient Self who remembers what life used to be like when we lived as ONE.

When we treated each other with dignity, respect, honesty, and truth.

Deep inside our spirits we seek happiness and joy.

Consumerism, steals this joy, and enslaves us to the chains of control.

This is the internal deep dilemma of living here at this time and place.

Money vs Humanity.

Can we evolve as a species when we are in such divide over how resources are distributed, and who and what receives what based on color, gender, country of origin, etc.. etc…?

Can we continue to rape our Mother Earth, and feel good about ourselves?

These are deep revelations that the “Awakened” must face when making decisions going forward.

This brings us to our message of value.

Beyond the veil of consumerism, is a deep hole. Where value is acquitted with a monetary number.

So, the higher that number the higher that value. We value those with high “net worths,” “status,” and “power.”


We value money.

We value it to the point of worship.

Those who make the highest amounts of “money” on the Earth, are those who are taking the most, raping the most, and destroying the most.

They are so de-tached from the Mother, that they see her as a “means to an end,” and there is no end to how much can be taken. Lives matter not, in this game of deception.

As the world wakes up from this deep program of “money over  of value will come up for cleansing, purifying, and releasing.

For our TRUE VALUE has nothing to do with “money,” but instead our value our humanity. It is our breath. It is our existence. This is our value. And, it is worth far more than any material good man-made. 

Our love. This is our value. This is our worth. We are a creation of a God, a Creator, a Great Spirit, who loves who unconditionally and provides all that we need in abundance.

This is our truth.

For us to move forward in our humanity, we must remember, and live this truth.

To detach from “things,” to go back to “taking only what we need.”

Remembering that there are generations to come. They too will need the water we drink, the food we eat, the air we breathe, and the earth that we walk upon.

They will need all these “resources” and if we take to the point of extinction; what will be left?

What will we choose to leave for them? What value will we place upon them.

If you are reading this, and you are ready to step out of “Matrix” and into the “Creatrix,” start with the knowing that your value is not tied to anything or anyone, and that your life is important and matters.

You came here to “remember who you are.”

In a world where being anything other than who you are is celebrated, and glorified, be YOU, go back to the Mother, and re-claim your value.

Because the truth that is hidden is that you are the GREATEST VALUE to this world.

Your gifts, talents, creativity, ingenuity, courage, strength, focus, determination, kindness, compassion, and most of all LOVE is what makes humanity great.

Never forget that truth, and as you peruse this time of Awakening and transformation, hold onto to the knowing that beyond the lies you have been told, you know all, see all, and create all that this world needs and adores.

For the Awakened, greatness is the only option.

Love and Blessings,

Song Bird Grand Mother

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